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Fried Challah Sufganiyot (Donuts)

Fried Challah Sufganiyot (Courtesy of Michael Persico)

Schmaltz Latkes

Schmaltz Latkes (Photography by Kayla Rocca)

Donuts from Roladin. Photo by Nicky Blackburn

Julie Levey outside of the pop-up. (photos by Julie Hannah Levey)

Courtesy Golan Heights Winery

Try These At Home

Chocolate Quinoa Cake

Chocolate Quinoa Cake (The Nosher via JTA)

Sunken Plum Cake

Sonya Sanford/The Nosher via JTA

Fried Eggplant in Tomato Sauce

Credit: Clare Winfield

Alon Shaya’s Challah Recipe

When you can't decide on a sesame or poppy, go with both on your challah! Wikimedia Commons


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