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Yogurt With Berries And Seeds

Yogurt With Berries And Seeds

4 servings

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I use equal amounts of each seed, but feel free to combine them in any proportion that suits you. Whenever you crave crunch, pull out this healthy combination. Make a double batch of it and store it in an airtight container; it will keep at least 3 months.

Combine the seeds in a small bowl and mix thoroughly.

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2 teaspoons shelled sunflower seeds

2 teaspoons pumpkin seeds

2 teaspoons chia seeds

2 teaspoons flax seeds

1 ½ cups Greek yogurt

¼ cup clover honey

2 cups mixed berries (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries)


Divide the yogurt among four glasses. Drizzle the honey among them, followed by half of the seeds. Divide the fruit among the glasses, then top with the remaining seed mix.


Other recipes use pistachio butter to add heft to these parfaits, but you can mix Greek yogurt with anything. Try it with citrus supremes and mint or with any mix of fruits, seeds, and nut butters you have at home.

Reprinted with permission from Live to Eat: Cooking the Mediterranean Way. 2017 by Michael Psilakis, Little, Brown and Company.

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