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Pastrami On Rye Potstickers

The author is in it for the Chinese food.
Pastrami On Rye Potstickers

Nicely browned. Amy Kritzer

Makes 16

45 min

15 min

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I’m a Jew who likes Christmas. Though not for the traditional reasons. I mean mistletoe, eggnog and sparkly lights are great and all, but I’m in it for the Chinese food. Like other Chosen People on this lonely day, I indulge in whatever action flick is in the theaters, and as much moo shu and fried rice as I can handle.

Why is it Jews love Chinese food so much? For one, there isn’t much else open on Christmas. But there are other theories. The Chinese takeout menu is pretty much the same wherever you go, a comforting thought. Likewise, Jews love eating at home. And if Chinese food isn’t the quintessential take-out food I don’t know what is! And besides the pork and shrimp, the dairy-free menu is easy to adapt to a kosher lifestyle.

Growing up, it was all about Cheng Du take out, but these days I make my own. This year I made some pot stickers with a nod to my favorite sandwich: pastrami on rye! Fried and served with a spicy mustard, these are seriously addictive. And the best part is when you are hungry again an hour later, all you have to do is fry a few more!

Amy Kritzer is a food writer and recipe developer in Austin, TX who enjoys cooking, theme parties and cowboys. She challenges herself to put a spin on her Bubbe’s traditional Jewish recipes and blogs about her endeavors at What Jew Wanna Eat. Her recipes have been featured on Bon Appetit, Daily Candy, The Today Show Blog and more. You can follow her on TwitterPinterest and Facebook.

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1 cup rye flour

1 cup all-purpose flour

1/2 - 3/4 cup water

1 teaspoon caraway seeds

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon peanut oil or schmaltz

1/2 cup red onion, small diced

2 tablespoons kosher dill pickles, small diced

1/2 pound pastrami, rough chopped

Peanut oil, vegetable oil or schmaltz

2 tablespoons dry mustard

2 tablespoons hot water

  1. Make your dough by mixing the flours, 1/2 cup water, caraway seeds and salt until you get a dough that is soft and not too sticky or too dry. Add more water, up to 3/4 cup, in order to get the right consistency.
  2. Roll the dough into two cylinders about 1 inch in diameter. Cover them with wet paper towels and set aside while you make the filling.
  3. To make your filling, heat 1 tablespoon peanut oil or schmaltz in a medium sauté pan. Add onions and pickles and sauté until tender, about 3 minutes. Be careful as the pickle juices may splatter the oil. Then add pastrami and sauté until pastrami is warm, slightly crispy, and the fat has melted, about 5 more minutes.
  4. To make the pot stickers, cut the dough into 1 inch pieces and roll them out into circles that are about 2 inches in diameter.
  5. Put a dollop of filling into each pot sticker and secure each one. I used a fork to seal mine.
  6. Heat some oil in a medium sauté pan over medium heat. Arrange 8 pot stickers on the pan. Pan-fry the pot stickers until the bottom turns light brown, about 2 to 3 minutes.
  7. Add 2 tablespoons water to the pan and turn the heat to high. Cover the pan with a lid and let steam. Once the water evaporates, turn the heat back up to medium, flip the pot stickers, and fry until they are crispy and cooked through, about 3 more minutes, adding more oil if needed. Repeat for other pot stickers. Makes 16.
  8. To make dipping sauce, whisk together dried mustard and water. Serve with pot stickers- be careful, it’s spicy!
  • Pastrami On Rye Potstickers
    Pastrami On Rye Potstickers
  • Pastrami On Rye Potstickers
    Pastrami On Rye Potstickers
  • Pastrami On Rye Potstickers
    Pastrami On Rye Potstickers
  • Pastrami On Rye Potstickers
    Pastrami On Rye Potstickers
  • Pastrami On Rye Potstickers
    Pastrami On Rye Potstickers

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