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Jus by Julie Debuts Food Truck

Jus by Julie Debuts Food Truck

Jus by Julie's Kale Falafel salad and Juices. Courtesy of Jus by Julie

Kosher Juice and Food Truck Hits the Streets of NY

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Celeb favorite Jus by Julie, a Brooklyn-based purveyor of fresh, raw juices is now selling its wares from a traveling food truck. The truck's whereabouts, which are trackable on the company's Twitter page, is beginning its run in Midtown Manhattan. The Jus Truck's healthy menu features blended (rather than pressed) juices, cleanses, probiotic coldbrew coffees, soups, and salads. 

It's no surprise that Jus by Julie is certified kosher by the OU. The company was founded by Julie Maleh, a Jewish mom and certified health coach who began her juice line in her home kitchen. When her husband was diagnosed with high cholesterol, Maleh began preparing smoothies for the two of them and then brought some of her blends to an event at the Sephardic Community Center. After that, she told Well + Good, friends wanted more. "I knew I was onto something. I was delivering the juice at 7:00 in the morning from house to house to house, but loving life,” she said to the wellness blog. She and her husband then began the Jus by Julie brand. 

Besides being sold from the Jus Truck, Jus by Julie is available in several stores and can be shipped nationwide from the website. 

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