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Zany Pickle Comedy Opening on Friday

Zany Pickle Comedy Opening on Friday

Courtesy Adopt Films

Movie Tells the Story of a Jewish Family from Detroit and its Famous Pickle Recipe

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A silly comedy about a Jewish family in Detroit and a secret pickle recipe, will be hitting the theaters on Friday. The Pickle Recipe, stars actress Lynn Cohen who was Golda Meir in Steven Spielberg's film Munich and Magda (Miranda's housekeeper) in Sex and the City. In The Pickle Recipe, Cohen plays Rose, family matriarch, Jewish deli owner, and keeper of the family's treasured (and secret) recipe for making pickles. In one scene, Rose's grandson, Joey (David Paymer), brings a friend pretending to be a rabbi to Shabbat dinner to try to convince Rose to let him keep the recipe. Joey is a party MC is deeply in debt and the famous pickle recipe might be the help he needs. The story behind The Pickle Recipe was based on co-writer Gary Wolfson's own family pickle recipe, which went to the grave with his grandmother. 

JW Food & Wine readers get an exclusive clip of the movie which you can view below. 

The slow- paced movie harps on numerous cliches about Jews (domineering matriarch, neurotic nebish son, assimilated third generation, Jewish man- Asian woman romance, to name a few), and the comedy does not rise above the occasional one- liner. However, it gets points for putting Jewish identity and family at its center. 

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