Being A Jewish Foodie In New York City Is A Serious Challenge. | The Jewish Week | Food & Wine

Being A Jewish Foodie In New York City Is A Serious Challenge.

Being A Jewish Foodie In New York City Is A Serious Challenge.

Caroline Gets Inspiration at the Farmer's Market. Caroline Lagnado/JW

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Watching Ina Garten and Jamie Geller make marvelously presented dishes on television and in video clips online, you might find yourself looking around your tiny, outdated, not-quite-sparkling clean-kitchen, and wondering which of the latest food trends you can try to prepare an hour before Shabbat, that will impress that annoying couple who always seems to have just been to the latest celebrity chef restaurant and are just dying to tell you about it. It is hard to fit cooking well into a busy schedule, without the trip to the supermarket breaking the bank.

If you're like me, you are trying to make the most of a small New York kitchen, expensive groceries, and sometimes-restrictive kosher recipes. I am not a professional chef; I am a writer and a foodie. I love to cook and do so several nights a week. My husband and I devote most Sunday afternoons to cooking projects that we enjoy for the rest of the week. I save recipes that catch my eye for special occasions and have a stable of go-tos bookmarked on my computer, photocopied and stacked in a drawer, and noted in my cookbooks. 

I shop for groceries at different stores and farmers markets each week to see what's new and what’s in season, and read food blogs and magazines for inspiration. I also love checking out new restaurants and interviewing food pros. We can learn a lot from hearing their stories. 

In this new column, Matter of Taste, I will be exploring what's new in the Jewish food world. I will speak with experts and innovators, and discuss restaurants, cookbooks, holiday cooking, and more for you.  This is in addition to working with the Jewish Week Food & Wine columnists you have already come to know and love.  

I welcome your ideas and hope that you will be engaged readers. You may reach me at, and I encourage you to connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

In good taste, 

Caroline Lagnado


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