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Hipster or Hasid? Both!

Hipster or Hasid? Both!

Dean Street Cafe's Zalmy Mochkin. Courtesy Zalmy Mochkin

Crown Heights Welcomes Coffee Maven

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Crown Heights will soon be home to yet another artisanal cafe. 

Offering just small-batch “death before decaf” roasted coffee at first and soon more substantial fare like eggs, veggie burgers, and rice bowls, Dean Street Cafe is the dream of local entrepreneur Zalmy Mochkin, a member of the Chabad community in Crown Heights. 

Dean Street Cafe will join a crowded field in the area which is already home to Manhattanville Coffee, Brooklyn Artisan Bakehouse, and several other popular cafes, however Mochkin is distinguishing himself with house-roasted coffee.

Crown Heights Roasting Company Coffees. Courtesy Zalmy Mochkin

A coffee enthusiast who has traveled the world, Mochkin will be serving his signature brand, Crown Heights Roasting Company, at his 25-seat establishment. No stranger to the restaurant business, Mochkin grew up in his father's kitchen at The Kretchme, a local pizza place in Crown Heights. 

"Coffee’s supposed to bring people together,” Mochkin told DNAinfo. “This place will attract people who want to sit down for a while.”

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