Our Top 10 Savory Recipes of 2016 | The Jewish Week | Food & Wine

Our Top 10 Savory Recipes of 2016

Our Top 10 Savory Recipes of 2016
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'Tis the season for roundups, and we have reviewed the recipes we published in 2016 and are happy to share the ten most popular. From meaty bourekas to quinioa patties, these are the dishes most cooked by our readers.

Sweet Potato Hummus:

Roasted Turkey Breast with Sweet White Wine:

By Chloe's Roasted Brussels Sprouts:

Spiced Squash And Lamb Bourekas:

Jeff Nathan's Stuffed Cabbage:

Orange and Honey Hens with Sesame:

Michael Katz's Quinoa Patties with Apples, Carrots, Currants, and Herbs:

Le Marais’s Cassoulet:

Exotic Spanish Albondiga Soup:

Broccoli and Parmesan Soup:

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