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Hibiscus Margarita

Hibiscus Margarita

Hibiscus Margarita (Leigh Ann Chatagnier)

Serves 2

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Have you ever made anything with dried hibiscus flowers?  More than likely you have had a hibiscus tea or at least seen it, but I am here you tell you that you need to make a cocktail with it too!  This margarita is the perfect balance of sweet, floral, and tart and is super refreshing!  It is going to make your summer celebrations complete, not to mention it’s an absolute gorgeous color thanks to those little dried flowers!

Whether or not you are planning on hosting a party, or are just going to be hanging at home with your family, I am pretty sure this cocktail need to be on your summer menu!


1/4 Cup Dried Hibiscus Flowers (Usually spice shops carry them and so does World Market or you can order online!)

1/2 Cup Water

1/2 Cup Sugar or Agave

2 Oz. Tequila

1/2 Cup Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice

1/4 Cup Kosher or Maldon Salt for Rimming Glasses


In a small saucepan make hibiscus simple syrup by combining dried hibiscus flowers, water, and sugar and bring to a boil stirring until sugar has dissolved.

Turn off heat and let steep for 5 minutes.

Strain the syrup, removing the dried hibiscus flowers and let chill completely.

Take a lime wedge and go around the edge of two glasses.

Pour salt onto a plate or into a bowl and dip the limed rimmed glasses into the salt.

Fill the two glasses with crushed ice and add lime juice, tequila, and hibiscus syrup to a cocktail shaker and shake well to combine and then pour over the ice into two glasses.

Garnish and serve immediately.

Recipes/photos reprinted with permission by Leigh Ann Chatagnier / www.MyDiaryofUs.com