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Golda Meir's Famous Chicken Soup Recipe

Golda Meir's Famous Chicken Soup Recipe

Photo courtesy Pixabay

One pot

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Boil the chicken with parsley, celery, cut-up carrots, peeled onions, salt, papers, a pinch of paprika, until the chicken is tender.
If you like rice you may add it after straining the soup, bringing to boil for another quarter of an hour.
Ms. Meir generally serves chicken soup with KNEIDLACH which she prepares as follows:
The Matzos are soaked in cold water until soft, than squeeze dry, crush with a fork and add fried onions and a little oil, some parsley, salt, paper, and two beaten eggs. Make into small balls, set aside before serving for one hour. Half an hour before serving, drop the balls into the boiling soup and cook for about half an hour.

Recipe courtesy of Temple Emanu-El Skirball Center