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The Complete Guide To Kosher Wine (2019)


Inside: Lighter-bodied wines and Mediterranean blends now ascendant Israeli wines; Chardonnay - the most popular grape; Developments in the American Kosher wine scene; Passover recipes (and wine pairings) from New York's top chefs; Six winemakers spill the beans on their beverages of choice (when they're not drinking their own wine); The top 18 wines in 10 categories; Swirl, sniff repeat: how the top kosher wines are judged. 


Victor Schoenfeld of Golan Heights Winery. Photos courtesy of winemakers.

Lighter-bodied wines and Mediterranean blends now ascendant, say the country’s winemakers.

Six vintners on their beverages of choice, from ‘hoppy’ beer (lots of it) to ‘peaty’ Scotch — but, please, no soda.


The top 18 bottles in every category, as determined by our wine experts.

The husband-and-wife team of Eli Silins and Molly Nadav run Camuna Cellars in Berkeley, Calif. “I’m trying not to mess around with the quality or character of the fruit we get,” Silins says. Below, four offerings from Brooklyn-based Goblet Wines. Courtesy of Camuna Cellars

From Borough Park To Berkeley, developments in American kosher wine.

What’s behind the making of ‘Classified Kosher’ wines?

Koval, Chicago’s grain-to-bottle kosher craft distiller.

Exploring the most popular (and most griped about) grape of them all.


Swirl, sniff, sip, spit, score, repeat: Inside the making of The Jewish Week’s top kosher wines list.