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3 Easy and Fast Ways to Cook Salmon


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Salmon is a flavorful, heart-healthy, and easiest fish to cook. The skin of this fish also comes off easily, so when one cooks it even with the skin on can lift it off before serving. Here are the three ways to cook this versatile fish with the tips for buying it and keeping it fresh.

Yes, salmon hits the dinner table more. In all ways, it is easy to prepare, delicious, and always good for you. It considers a fatty fish with plenty of protein, three fatty acids, and an abundance of vitamins, including vitamin E, and B.

Tips to Buy Fresh Salmon

When you go to buy fresh salmon, make sure it does not smell fishy. Its flesh should not be discolored along the edges, and it should be moist and bright. And when you are buying a whole salmon, its eyes should be clear and bright; the skin should be shiny, silvery, and hard to touch.

So if you are living in quarantine and not allowed to go out in this hard time, then no worries. You can even buy fresh salmon at Huon Aqua online. They make sure to deliver the fresh salmon and consider the best seller.

Ways to Cook Salmon

1. How to Prepare Pan-Fry Salmon

Pan-fried salmon is always a super-easy way to prepare crispy salmon. Whether one is going for sockeye, king Coho, requires salmon fillets that are bright looking and firm with resilient flesh and shiny skin.

For pan-fried salmon, you required salt and pepper seasoned fish, olive oil or butter, and skillet over medium flames. So start frying with the skin side up in the hot skillet. Let the fillet sizzle for about seven to eight minutes until it gets light brown. Then slip the spatula underneath to turn its side and fry the other side for five more minutes. When your pan-fried salmon is done, squeeze a lemon and garnish it with some green leaves before serving.

2. How to Roast Salmon in Oven

One other best way to cook salmon in oven roasting. It is a more easy and quick way to prepare salmon if you are cooking it for a group.

For the roasting method, you need to marinate salmon for at least half an hour and meanwhile grease the baking dish and place the skin-side down and set the temperature at 400 degrees F for fifteen minutes.

3. Garlic Butter Baked Salmon

A garlic butter baked salmon with garlic butter sauce, and crispy roast potatoes are one of my all-time favorites.

Garlic butter Salmon is easy to make as it requires the minimal ingredients that we all have in our kitchen cabinets.

After marinating salmons, set your oven temperature at 200°C. After this, place the salmon to cook and wait until it gets brown and crispier.

You need to bake potatoes in the oven for the crisp, and once potatoes are done, pour all the flavors for a good taste. After this, start on the garlic butter sauce. Mince the garlic cloves and rub them all over the salmon fillets and combine it with lemon juice with melted butter and pour over your asparagus and salmon.


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