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Wine and Food Galore

KFWE 2020 wrap up

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There’s much that defies belief about attending the Kosher Food and Wine Experience, the kosher culinary extravaganza dubbed “the ultimate kiddush” which took place this week at Pier Sixty in Chelsea: “I can’t believe that’s kosher for Passover;” “I can’t believe that cheesecake is parve;” “I can’t believe how much I drank.”


Indeed, there is something a bit dizzying about the array of food and drink choices. The serious wine-lover may well spend the entire time hobnobbing with industry insiders over fine wines from, say, Yatir or Tulip wineries at one end of the large event hall while on the other side, someone with a sweet tooth can join the thronging crowd around the Urban Pops ice cream stand.

Adding excitement, attendees were invited to challenge their wine savvy in a blind wine tasting, the grand prize—a wine trip to California—going to the person who could guess the varietals and makers of four unmarked wines.

Fruits by Pesha

The annual event, now in its fourteenth year, always has something new to offer. With over 300 wines from around the world, there were new wine releases at almost every table. There appeared to be the trend of mid-market Israeli wineries putting out new special series like Barkan Vineyard’s new Gold Edition, Carmel Winery’s new Private Collection series, and Binyamina Wines’ high-end Chosen and The Cave series. In the food arena, Fruits by Pesha served a rainbow of gorgeous and delicious dehydrated fruits with no added ingredients. Newcomers The Rebbe’s Choice offered delicious smoked salmon and bold and original herring with flavors like Smokey Zaatar and Sweet Black Pepper – a perfect pairing for all that alcohol.

Nobody left hungry, sober, or sad.

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