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A Shot In The Dark

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Whether one goes blind dining to heighten the senses or simply as a culinary guessing game, it takes a measure of faith and penchant for adventure to put on a blindfold at the table. Entrusting their palates to Chef Joshua Kessler, a party of some sixty diners braved the snow and whipping winds to take part in Barnea Bistro’s special Dining in the Dark event last weekend, enjoying a special tasting menu specially designed for gustatory and olfactory pleasure. Their trust was well rewarded. The kosher haute cuisine establishment put on a playful five-course dinner, pairing boldly flavored savory hot soups with cold shots of sweet alcohols and familiar favorites like steak with mashed potatoes and braised pearl onions alongside with exciting combinations like the caramel sour apple semifreddo with sloe gin fizz foam dessert. If you get a chance to go to the next one – no peeking!

An eager diner awaits the start of Barnea Bistro's Dinner in the Dark 

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