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May We Recommend: Nourishing “Magic Mineral Broth”


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Reprinted with permission from The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen: Nourishing, Big-Flavor Recipes for Cancer Treatment and Recovery. Copyright © 2009 by Rebecca Katz with Mat Edelson, Ten Speed Press, a division of the Crown Publishing Group, Berkeley, CA.

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Nutrition Educator and Author Rebecca Katz, MS, calls her Magic Mineral Broth the “Rosetta stone of soup that can be transformed to meet myriad nutritional needs” in her award-winning book The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen. But for many individuals diagnosed with cancer, this liquid nourishment is frequently referred to as “chemo broth.” The nutrient-dense broth contains fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices simmered for two hours in stock or unfiltered water; the longer you cook it, the more flavorful the liquid becomes.

This rejuvenating broth is a natural elixir for anyone with compromised immune systems and sapped energy, and not just cancer patients. It hydrates the body, soothes sensitive stomachs, and delivers a dose of vitamins and minerals. Katz notes in the book that the inclusion of kombu, black seaweed that is dried into thin sheets and sold in packages, contains a full range of trace minerals and is high in potassium, iodine calcium, and vitamins A and C, as well as  “a type of polysaccharide known as fucoidans, which may inhibit cancer cells.” You can find kombu at Asian markets and health food stores.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2009, a good friend who had just finished treatment herself, gave me The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen. The book provides a few broth recipes, including a version of Magic Mineral Broth made with fresh chicken stock (simmer the bird’s carcass in with the vegetables) as well as a homemade bone broth. My husband made them all. I became sensitive to the smell of all meat products while undergoing chemotherapy and preferred the vegetarian version. The aromas of the herbs and spices cooking were comforting to me.

I am now a ten-year survivor with a renewed appreciation for freshly prepared ingredients seasoned simply with minimal preparation. This broth is an example. You basically cut up vegetables and toss in a stockpot, add herbs and spices, and slowly simmer to bring out the flavors. You can also freeze it and reuse as a base stock for stews and other soups. We still make this at home and sip it like tea for nourishing lift.

Magic Mineral Broth

Melanie Young is a food, wine and health writer, certified health coach, and host of the weekly radio shows, Fearless Fabulous You! and The Connected Table LIVE! (iHeart). She is author of “Getting Things Off My Chest: A Survivor’s Guide to Staying Fearless & Fabulous in the Face of Breast Cancer” (Cedar Fort/Plain Sight)

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