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Fine Dining Meets Comedic Timing

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On Friday night at Mishiguene’s Intersect location, it’s not your Jewish mother’s Shabbat dinner—even when Caroline Aaron, who plays Shirley Maisel on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, cooks the latkes. The gefilte fish is served with trout roe and beet puree. Instead of brisket, there is pastrami short ribs with truffle späetzle. The borscht is foamed and served in a crystal glass with labneh ravioli.

Argentinian Chef Tomás Kalika created Mishiguene, the current restaurant-in-residence at entertainment and culinary venue Intersect by Lexus. Born in Buenos Aires and trained in Jerusalem, Chef Kalika combines traditional Jewish flavors from around the world, creating a dining experience that salutes the Jewish Diaspora. His cooking tells the story of the movement and the history of the Jewish people; with flavors encompassing both Askenazi and Sephardic cultures, diners are treated to a narrative of Judaism across the world.

Throughout the month of December, Intersect and Mishiguene are partnering with Amazon Prime to celebrate season three of Mrs. Maisel. And, what’s more perfect than Mrs. Maisel and a culinary Jewish Diaspora? After all, in the third season, Midge experiences her own “diaspora,” leaving her hometown of New York City to tour the country.

Guests at the special launch day Shabbat dinner on December 6 were treated to twists on classic Jewish foods and drinks including knafeh with goat cheese and honey cremeux, a Manischewitz cocktail, and toasted challah with chicken liver pâté and truffle herb salad. Even the latkes, which Aaron helped to prepare before joining guests for the Shabbat meal, were made of sweet potato and topped with caviar. Tony Shaloub, who appears in Mrs. Maisel as Midge’s father, Abe Weissman, also joined the release day festivity.

Souvenirs from the Mrs. Maisel-themed Shabbat dinner at Mishiguene in the Meatpacking District

As guests sat down for dinner, the conversation turned to comparing how many episodes of season three everyone had watched since its release only hours before. Jean Lee, an Instagram food influencer, shared what she loves about the show. “Midge is an outlier. She brings a very unique Jewish perspective, and she has the fashion and the humor!” Lee, though not Jewish herself, is a native New Yorker, and is convinced that “everyone in New York is partly Jewish.” She and her friend Pauline Tran compared how many Jewish events they had been to, with Tran taking the trophy when she triumphantly declared, “I’ve been to a Bris!”

Bartender Dana Lachenmayer described a typical Friday night at Intersect’s Mishiguene. “There’s a Shabbat-style service with musicians and dancing, and they even blow the shofar.” Sure enough, after dinner, guests were treated to a lively uproar, with a Klezmer band featuring an accordion, a clarinet, some percussion, and yes, the so-last-season shofar. Diners took to their feet to celebrate Shabbat, dancing and clapping alongside the staff of Mishiguene. Even Shaloub and Aaron weren’t too tired following a week of publicity to join in, as Intersect’s Executive Chef Nickolas Martinez twirled his latke-making partner around the restaurant.

Intersect and Mrs. Maisel will continue their collaboration by celebrating the “8 Marvelous Nights” of Chanukah on December 22-30. Guests will be treated to Maisel-themed giveaways, cooking demonstrations, and more as they sip The Marvelous Martini.

You’d be a Mishiguene to miss out.

(Intersect by Lexus is located at 412 West 14th Street.)

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