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May We Recommend: Streusel

Streusel (Ronnie Fein)

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Easy as pie? I don’t think so. Pie most definitely isn’t easy. It is one of those recipes that seems simple but there are lots of tips and tricks to making tasty and properly flaky pastry, plus worries about how to roll the dough into a circle. And of course, lifting the second circle and placing it on top of the filling without it falling apart.

And so, with Thanksgiving – pie season - soon to come, why not take the easy way out: make a streusel crust! You can use a streusel crust on top of a store-bought bottom crust or over the fruit filling of your choice without a bottom crust.

This, my friends, is easy as pie.

Streusel is simply a mixture of grain and fat, usually flour and butter. You work the fat into the grain with your hands or the pulse feature of a food processor until it’s crumbly and then you spread it over the pie filling. Other additions give streusel more flavor: sugar, nuts, oats, granola, seasonings, and so on.

Here are a few streusel toppings that would make your Thanksgiving pies “easy as pie.”

Streusel Three Ways

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