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May We Recommend: Pashtida

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It’s a quiche!

It’s a frittata!

Well, actually, it’s kind of like both those dishes but what I’m talking about is Pashtida, an Israeli staple that’s quickly gaining fame internationally as the hottest dish from the Holy land.

Pashtida is a hodgepodge of ingredients based on eggs mixed with veggies and (usually) cheese plus other dairy ingredients, (although you can make one with meat too). Everything is mixed together, poured into a shallow casserole (although some people give it a crust) and baked until the eggs are set and the top is crispy. Seemingly everyone in Israel has their own Pashtida “recipe” or conglomeration of ingredients they tend to combine for a quick, easy, and hearty meal. You can bring your casserole to a potluck, make one for a weeknight dinner served with some salad, or cut slices for an on-the-go light meal (in bread as a sandwich or in foil eaten with a fork).

My recipe is simple and incredibly versatile, so consider all the options and substitutions. Its cheesiness makes it a perfect lunch or dinner for Shavuot and also during the Nine Days (although, to tell the truth it’s a terrific, no nonsense recipe for all year, for whenever you want something light). Give a side salad and your meal is all done.

Vegetable Pashtida

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