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Our Best Matzah Ball Soup Recipes

Flaxen Matzoh Ball Soup. Courtesy of Little, Brown and Company

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Matzah balls should not exist. They are created by taking a bland, hard, dry cracker, pulverizing it, and rendering it moist, soft, and succulent. Different theories for how to create the perfect matzah ball soup abound: use a sachet for herbs or not? Clear broth or loaded? Parsnip or parsley? Both? Use the chicken fat or toss it? Try one of our recipes and begin a new tradition.

Joan Nathan’s Chicken Soup With Matzah Balls

Fool-Proof Matzah Ball Soup

Persian "Matzah Balls" with Chickpeas and Chicken

Vegetarian Matzah Ball Soup

Golden Chicken Noodle Soup

My Mom’s Chicken Soup

Matzah Ball Pho

Flaxen Matzah Ball Soup

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