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New on the Shelf for Passover


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For our second annual New on the Shelf for Passover, we share the new kosher for Passover products that we are most excited about. If you’re in the middle of the considerable preparations needed for making your home Passover-ready, we hope this roundup will help you discover worthwhile and helpful goods for your pantry. This year, especially, we embrace natural products that will enhance your Passover menu without too many additives and enhancements.

Heaven & Earth Veggie Spirals

Avoid potato pasta without needing a special spiralizer for Passover with frozen zucchini and carrot spirals. Perfect for a Chol Hamoed side dish when you’ve had enough matzah.


Grow & Behold Raw Italian Sausage Mix

This is an excellent addition to meat sauce (think: meat matzah lasagna) or even in a simple stir-fry loaded with vegetables. Weeknight dinner solved.

We are also excited about several other new Grow & Behold Passover products.

Roast the Beef Marrow Bones and spread the marrow on matzah for a delicious appetizer; sear and then braise the Mock Boneless Short Ribs (aka chuck) in a wine sauce for a festive Passover meal; cook with the duck bone broth to add depth to your soup or stew. Try dipping their beef bacon in dark chocolate for an addictive treat.

Tuscanini Tomato Sauce

This tomato sauce from tomatoes grown in Tuscany in Italy is flavorful and will enhance simple dishes like matzah pizza as well as more sophisticated red sauce dishes.

Absolutely Gluten Free Flatbread

These crispy gluten free matzah crackers come plain or jazzed up with herbs like toasted onion and are great for mid-Passover week munching. Top with cream cheese and lox for breakfast.

Pereg Zahtar

The Passover version of this spice blend, which is popular in Israel, leaves out sesame seeds which are considered kitnoyot in many Ashkenazi communities, but the coriander-zahtar blend still offers a fair amount of zest.

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