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May We Recommend: Green Goddess Dressing

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Don’t you just love a recipe that’s so accommodating and versatile you can change the ingredients and use it in all sorts of ways and it’s still basically the same delicious recipe? Green Goddess Dressing is one of those.

Created in the 1920s for George Arliss, an actor who starred in a play called The Green Goddess, it is basically a pile of pureed greens with some herbs, mayo, and dairy sour cream. I include avocado in mine since it makes it richer and when I need it dairy free, I use dairy-free milk in place of the sour cream. Need it thinner? More sour cream or dairy-free milk.

Use it for a dip, salad dressing, sandwich spread, marinade or sauce for fish, grilled steak, or chicken.

Green Goddess Dressing

Ronnie Fein is a cookbook author, food writer and cooking teacher in Stamford. She is the author of The Modern Kosher Kitchen and Hip Kosher. Visit her food blog, Kitchen Vignettes, at, friend on Facebook at RonnieVailFein, Twitter at @RonnieVFein, Instagram at RonnieVFein.

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