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A Honey-Almond Pie for Sukkot


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Honey Almond Pie (Ronnie Fein)

Ronnie Fein’s pie is sturdy and seasonal, perfect for your Sukkot gathering

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Sukkot is one of the most delicious of the Jewish holidays.

Actually, I say that about every Jewish holiday.

But it’s true, because our holiday foods, whether they’re classic or contemporary, reflect our feelings of joy and gratitude. The dishes are festive and rich in meaning and tradition. Everything is delicious, emotionally and gastronomically.

Sukkot food is especially tasty because we get to cook with all the new crop fruits, nuts and vegetables: apples and squash, fresh pomegranates, figs, dates, and almonds. My menu always includes stuffed peppers or cabbage, vegetable kugel, plum crisp, apple cake and pumpkin soup; occasionally bourekas or kreplach.

There is one unique food concern on Sukkot though: we are commanded to eat in a sukkah! So, whether we build one at our house or go to a friend’s home or synagogue – or whether we set up a make-shift table-and-chair sukkah on a porch or fire escape, or use our kids’ backyard log cabin (as we used to do), that means the food must be easy to transport. When I’ve been asked to bring a dish or two for any holiday, I make sure it is something that will remain intact after a car ride: thermoses filled with soup; hearty one-pot casseroles; fruit and nut pies and cakes that don’t include a fragile frosting.

The Honey-Almond Pie recipe meets all the standards and traditions of a Sukkot feast. It’s a flexible dish too. You can change the fruit from fresh cranberries to chopped apple, use nuts other than almond, switch from raisins to chopped dried fruit. You can make a pareve or butter pie crust and make the filling with melted butter or a non-dairy fat (I use coconut oil). This pie is sturdy, so it is easy to bring anywhere! Also, it is quite beautiful, in keeping with a festive holiday.

Honey Almond Pie

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