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Hummus That's All About The Hummus


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A no-frills hummusiya opens in Greenwich Village

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Midway through my lunch at Vish, the young, peppy chef stepped out from behind the counter, reached up to a high shelf to grab a long shofar, and blew the shofar to the amusement of the diners huddled over plates of hummus at the small Greenwich Village restaurant.

Vish, a new kosher hummus establishment near NYU (certified by OK kosher), has a small vegan menu, serving just hummus and shakshuka and combinations and variations of the two. The waitstaff and chef are imported from Israel as is the concept, it is the sister establishment of the Hummus Eliyahoo chain which has 60 locations throughout Israel.

The restaurant is no-fuss; when we sat down, a casually-dressed waitress wearing a t-shirt saying "no worries" on it pointed to their offerings which were scrawled on a chalkboard on the wall, then shouted our order to the chef so he could begin grinding the chickpeas and preparing our hummus, before pointing out a metal bowl on the table meant to collect dirty napkins and other refuse from the meal.

The window is cheerily decorated by customers with paint markers and the wall opposite the menu contains Polaroid pictures of happy customers chowing down. While we were there, each table was approached by the chef and asked if he could take their photo for the wall. Above the counter at the front of the restaurant, is a handwritten sign in Hebrew saying "Love your neighbor as yourself" and "one love" in English, reminiscent of both Jewish sleep-away camp and the Jewish reggae singer Matisyahu. This place is quirky and no-frills while other hummus places in the city such as Dizengoff are more concerned with elevating the simple chickpea dish with interesting toppings.

The hummus plates, which are thick, smooth, and satisfying, are served with warm, fluffy pita bread and tiny bowls of olives and pickles. Refills are offered at the end of the meal but the hummus is so filling, we did not see a single table take the waitress up on the offer.


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