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A Cake for All Occasions


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"The First Cake" by Maira Kalman/ Courtesy Penguin Press

Maira Kalman and Barbara Scott-Goodman's charming new book takes the cake

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Sure, we all know that cake is basically a necessity at birthdays and weddings, but in a new book, cake is eaten and reminisced about for many other occasions including a breakup and for a Sunday afternoon ritual of making plans.

Cake is artist Maira Kalman’s latest foray into the culinary world, a small, delightful, new collaboration with food writer and designer Barbara Scott-Goodman. Scott-Goodman not only contributed the recipes, but she designed Cake with Claire Vaccaro. It is both a collection of Kalman’s cake-related (charmingly hand-written) memories, her accompanying whimsical illustrations, and a cookbook you can really use with 15 delectable cake recipes. As Scott-Goodman says in her welcome note, "People think that cake is kind of a big deal, and it is. Serving cake for dessert can turn a simple dinner into an occasion, and nothing says 'Lets celebrate' quite like it."

Below is an excerpt from Cake about Kalman eating chocolate cake in Tel Aviv.

"The First Cake"

By Maira Kalman

The first cake I remember was on the terrace of my aunt Shoshana’s apartment in Tel Aviv. It was a chocolate cake. The summers were long and hot. Shoshana would take her three children, Tali, Azriel, and Orna, and my sister Kika and me to the beach for a few hours every morning.

After the beach, we would walk home, shower, and gather on the terrace. We lay on the cool stone tiles. Lolling about came easily to us. There we were each given a plate with a slice of chocolate cake and a clump of green grapes. I am not sure we ever said thank you. But isn’t that how it is.

Excerpted with permission from Cake, Copyright 2018 by Maira Kalman and Barbara Scott-Goodman published by Penguin Books.

Coconut Layer Cake

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