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The Big Meatball

Noi Due Carne serves kosher meat with a Mediterranean flare

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At a recent media dinner, Upper West Side kosher hotspot Noi Due Carne, unveiled its new menu with imaginative and eminently-Instagram-able dishes of bountiful size, eye-grabbing colors, and pronounced flavors.

At its centerpiece is the Spaghetti-in-Meatball, a one-pound shell of meat filled with spaghetti in a house-made tomato sauce. The idea for the dish came from the restaurant's publicist Kayla Tobey, who proposed the dish as a challenge to chef Beau Houck as an Italian answer to the extra-large soup dumpling at Drunken Dumpling. The end result is a hearty meatball perfect for sharing.

Opened in 2017, the spacious restaurant is the meat-loving neighbor of kosher dairy establishment Noi Due Cafe. Both are run by Israeli restaurateur Golan Chetrit.

The Spaghetti-in-Meatball at Noi Due Carne/ Courtesy Akiva Miller

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