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A new cookbook explores Jewish vegetarian cooking

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In Paola Gavin’s Hazana, vegetables aren’t just accompaniments to meat dishes, they are the main attraction in this collection of recipes from around the world.

A vegetarian for most of her adult life, Gavin took special interest in Jewish recipes as she researched other book projects on French, Italian, and Mediterranean vegetarian food, and became interested in the history of the Jewish communities in those places.

The London-based Gavin's research was mostly conducted from foreign language cookbooks and yielded nearly 150 authentically vegetarian recipes (no vegetarian brisket here). Hazana is a valuable collection for Jewish vegetarians and those looking to incorporate more vegetables into their menus in creative ways. The title means nourishment in Hebrew, emphasizing the important role of vegetables have played in Judaism, one Gavin discusses in the book's introduction. "The Jewish concept of vegetarianism dates back to the days of the Garden of Eden," she writes.

Below she shares three recipes for Shavuot:

Fennel Parmigiana

Sephardic Cheese and Parsley Pastries

Vegetable Gratin for Shavuot

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