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Taim Takes on the Israeli Breakfast


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Taim Takes on the Israeli Breakfast

 The new breakfast options at Taim/ Akiva Miller

New Midtown location serves up Mediterranean options to go

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With an infusion of new investment cash, New York falafel chain Taim, spearheaded by Chef Einat Admony and her husband Stefan Nafziger, just opened a new location at Urbanspace at 570 Lexington Avenue, catering to the busy Midtown workers. Admony and Nafziger plan to add two more locations in Manhattan later this year. Bigger plans for national and international expansion are under discussion.

With the earlier opening hours at the new digs came the question what to serve the morning rush crowd. The new breakfast menu (for now only served in the Midtown location) offers some Israeli-inspired dishes that are easy to grab and go. Some are new additions to the menu, like a breakfast platter (hummus, hard boiled egg, feta cheese, Israeli salad, and tabouli), a bureka loaded with hard boiled egg and harissa, and a yogurt cup with tahini maple granola. Other breakfast options are only slight variations on the lunch menu, like the platter of harissa falafel over Greek salad, sabich sandwich, and the date lime banana shake.

Although Taim's new backers bring long industry experience from fast food chain Chipotle, there is no plan to transform Taim into a "build-your-own" selection of pick-and-choose options, and all menu items will remain carefully curated by Chef Admony. And while died-in-the-wool Israelis may raise an eyebrow at the authenticity of eating falafel or sabich for breakfast, a fresh and tasty Taim breakfast is definitely a great way to start your day.

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