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Wendy's Shabbat

Wendy's Shabbat

The group assembled at Wendy's in Palm Desert, California/ Courtesy "Wendy's Shabbat"

A new doc tells the story of old timers embracing a new Shabbat tradition

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While the Jewish organizational world is buzzing with community startups, pop-up events and re-imagined spaces to connect new generations to Judaism, "Wendy's Shabbat" shows that Jewish innovation is not only for the young. The short documentary by director Rachel Myers premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and will be making the rounds at Jewish film festivals around the country.

"Wendy's Shabbat" tells of a group of octogenarians and nonagenarians who drive their golf carts to the Wendy's in Palm Desert, California, every Friday night. Complete with communal table, challah, wine, electric candles, and probably America's oldest practicing rabbi (age 97), this self-run group has kept up the ageless traditions of Shabbat at Wendy's for several years running. "We're not fancy people" says one participant, reconciling the plastic trays, paper-wrapped burgers, cups of chili, and soft-serve ice cream with the idea of a Shabbat meal.



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