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New on the Shelf for Passover


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New on the Shelf for Passover

New Products You Won’t Want to Pass-Over

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Every year, the Passover market gets bigger and better, with more and more products to satiate even the hungriest chefs for Passover week. For those knee-deep in Passover shopping, we present a roundup of what’s new and enticing on the scene. Imitation chametz continues to abound but we are pleased to see companies getting creative with their selections (hello coconut milk and banana flour!). That’s not to say that kosher for Passover confectioner’s sugar isn’t exciting—it is—but could we all have lived a week without it? Probably.

New Foods for Passover 2018

Haddar Onion and Garlic Panko

The onion and garlic spices enhance these breadcrumbs which would work for a Passover–week schnitzel or in a meatloaf.

Gefen Lasagna Pasta

While this falls under the category of “we can live a week without lasagna,” almost everyone has had “matzah lasagna,” and knows that it’s just not that good. This pasta, while not quite regular pasta, is both gluten free and pareve, so can be used for a meat or dairy lasagna meal.

Manischewitz Pre-Sliced Gefilte Fish

The Passover foods giant is adding the option of pre-sliced frozen gefilte fish to their lineup for those who don’t need a whole loaf.

Heaven and Earth White Asparagus Spears

Finding white asparagus is not always easy so these prepared spears could add a nice touch to a festive salad.

Simon and Oliveri Cinnamon Bar

This excellent pareve chocolate line is introducing a cinnamon flavor to its line of Belgian chocolate bars.

Absolutely Gluten Free Raw Coconut Chews

We can probably all agree that standard canned macaroons could be better. That’s why we were happy to see these coconut-chocolate treats, less “Passover-y” coconut-chocolate treats.

Dannon Yogurt

Dannon Yogurt is once again kosher for Passover, making it the only major yogurt company to get the certification.

New Drinks for Passover 2018

The Chosen Bean Cold Brew Coffee

We like the convenience of these individually bottled coffees for Passover week when popping into a café for a pick-me-up is not likely possible.

Deau Cognac

With six styles, this is one of the largest kosher for Passover cognacs selections.

Eagle Oaks Wishkey

While the fermented grain in whiskey is not kosher for Passover, Wishkey is a whiskey-like alcoholic drink made from cane that is charred and aged.

Lvov Vodka

This new vodka is distilled from beets, making it kosher for Passover.


Thank you to Ronnie Fein for her observations for this article.

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