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That's One Big Bagel

That's One Big Bagel

Acme and Zucker's attempt to make a world record

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In an effort to set the Guinness World Record for the largest bagel and lox, kosher smoked fish purveyor Acme made a 213-pound bagel with lox on Friday, National Bagel and Lox Day.

The giant plain bagel, which was made by Zucker's bagels, required 40 pounds of cream cheese, 30 pounds of lox, plus tomatoes, onions, and capers. After it was weighed, a local rabbi blessed the bagel, reported Brokelyn, and then it was sawed into pieces to be eaten by the crowd that had assembled to see the giant bagel. One commenter on Twitter remarked that the bagel would cost $3,600.

While Acme and Zucker's had aimed for a three-foot, 250-pound bagel and lox, their 213-pounder is still very impressive. Zucker's baked the bagel in Tribeca and then drove it to Acme's warehouse in Greenpoint. According to the New York Times, the largest bagel and lox has not yet been recorded by Guinness, though the biggest bagel was 868 pounds.




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