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Wine Of The Week
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From the popular Twin Suns label, this week I consider the latest vintage (2016) of their Cabernet Sauvignon from Lodi, California. 

For those not yet familiar, Twin Suns is a collaborative venture between Ami and Larissa Nahari of The River Wine—a boutique kosher wine importer, distributor and producer—and the winemaking brothers Gabriel and Shimon Weiss of Shirah Wine LLC—maverick producers of kosher wines, focused on varietals, blends and uncommon styles in the kosher wine scene.

Named for the Nahari’s twin sons— Ivri and Eitan, born around the same time as their wine import business (2010)—the “Twin Suns” brand was launched to showcase distinctive yet approachable California kosher wines at an affordable price. The Weiss brothers run the production; the Naharis drive the sales and distribution. The affordable price-points are, of course, a compelling factor in grabbing consumer attention. Without value, an affordable sticker price alone will not develop, much less maintain, a consumer fan-base for long.

The “secret” behind the Twin Suns brand, is that their wines are enjoyable, and offer consistently good value for the price. Without further ado:

Twin Suns, Cabernet Sauvignon, Lodi, California, 2016 ($14.99; mevushal): This lively, refreshing, fruity yet dry cab offers tasty aromas and flavors of blackberry, blueberry, plum, a touch of cherry at the beginning, and a subtle hint of forest floor—with time in the glass, the wine gets a bit beefier, and some mild mocha and savory notes develop; nicely integrated tannins give this some staying power too (and craves a bit of flesh!), while the balancing acidity keeps it all fresh on the palate. This is a young, pleasing, easy drinking, medium-bodied wine that delivers solid value. L’Chaim!

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