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Join the (Wine) Club

Join the (Wine) Club

Kosher wine clubs let observant Jews in on access to discounts and limited edition wines

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Over the past decade, wine clubs, which send bottles of wine to consumers’ homes, really began to take off here in the United States. Some perks wine club members enjoy are limited edition bottles and discounts on future purchases.

Thankfully, some great domestic kosher wineries jumped into wine club the craze too.

Hagafen Cellars in Napa, has three wine clubs, and the Covenant Winery in Berkeley has two.

More recently, Jonthan Hajdu of the Covenant Winery team launched his Adventurer’s Guild wine club for his Hajdu Wines labeled releases. Hadju has been making and selling his own small-production, highly limited kosher wines on the side for the last decade, and only started the club in 2016. His operation is small, but hugely impressive, releasing single barrel wines. Each is a new kosher varietal from different regions across California, hence the adventure. Right now his club delivers two shipments each year and his wines have, so far, all been fabulous.

The Shirah Wine Company, run by brothers Gabriel and Shimon Weiss (also in California), launched two wine clubs, their Tasting Room Membership club and their Shirah Wine Club, to showcase their own small-quantity but high-end production of kosher wines. Both are pricy, but their wines merit the expense.

As I write this, I’m sipping Shirah’s Alder Springs Furmint, (Mendocino County, Calif.), 2015 ($35): This lovely, golden, rich, full-bodied, complex and nicely unusual white wine is a great California take on the noble Hungarian white varietal — with honeysuckle, spice, pear, apple, a little honey, a dollop of tropical fruits and subtle stone fruits, all buttressed by brilliant, bracing acidity and a little toasty oak. Fabulous.


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