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Four Fun Chanukah Desserts To Try

Four Fun Chanukah Desserts To Try
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One of the fun things about planning a Chanukah menu is that you have many nights to try different things. That’s not to say you’ll be organizing a feast every night – but you can amuse yourself and your family with some creative desserts. This year it’s a little late for recipes or dessert ideas – but these are a few ideas you might want to keep in mind for Chanukah 2018. 

Torah Cannoli

This may be a gimmick, but it’s one we can definitely get behind. When you think about it, a cannoli – one of the more universally beloved desserts out there – does look a little bit like a tiny scroll (and might look even more that way if you drizzle very thin lines of chocolate around it like script!). Given this thought, we’re borrowing the idea of Torah cannolifrom another blog that made it look like a fun, easy, themed dessert perfect for the holiday. In the examples given, marshmallow fluff was used to “glue” two cannoli together, such that they looked like two halves of rolled scroll – just as the Torah is traditionally depicted. Again, it’s certainly something of a gimmick, and depending on how serious your Chanukah festivities tend to be you might take it or leave it. Generally speaking though it’s a fun idea and a great way to rope in a very tasty treat. 

Cherry Rugelach

Some traditional Jewish desserts aren’t particularly sweet, and rugelach can be sweet or savory. filling rugelach with cherries may make your guests think about game prizes and rewards since video game characters collect cherries as they work through levels, and slot machines still use cherries as wheel icons. An online slot called Fruit Shop referred to them as "ever dependable cherries.” This is exactly what they are: dependable, classic, sweet fruits that are excellent in any dessert. A gooey, natural cherry filling for rugelach adds a new dimension to the dessert.

Chanukah Cookies

We’re not getting particularly creative with this one, but it’s still something to consider before you overthink the idea of Chanukah desserts. It’s fairly easy to find Chanukah-themed cookie cutters (such as menorah or dreidel outlines), and once  the cookie dough is cut you can basically do whatever kind of cookie you’d like. Sugar cookies with colorful frosting can be nice; you can even use yellow frosting to provide candlelight for a menorah-shaped cookie.

Star Of David Cupcakes

Cupcakes and Chanukah don’t necessarily go together, but as with cookies it’s a nice way to bring about a theme without having to do anything too involved or challenging. We love this cupcake topped with a Star of David-shaped sugar piece. That’s about as easy as it gets, provided you can find (or make on your own) said shaped sugar piece!

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