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A Name as Fine Oil

A Name as Fine Oil

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Eating Israeli olive oil on Chanukah

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In the Chanukah story, the Maccabees rebelled against their Hellenic rulers, reclaimed the Temple, and found a small flask of olive oil in the rubble that miraculously lasted for eight nights.

To commemorate this miracle, Jews typically eat foods cooked in or with olive oil.

Eating or cooking with Israeli olive oil is an even more special way to celebrate Chanukah.

One olive oil company in particular has been facing unfair criticism on Facebook simply because it is Israeli. Last month, around the time of the hundredth anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, Israel opponents launched an online battle on Facebook against Galilee Green a small olive oil company in northern Israel. These activists used the social networking platform to leave enough negative ratings and comments to try to hurt the company's business that its five-star rating dropped down to three.

Galilee Green now has instructions for how supporters can help them restore their online reputation including how to report offensive remarks by activists and counteract them with positive reviews. 

The olive oil company, whose groves are on Kibbutz Degania Alef, cold presses three locally grown varieties of olives: Barnea, Coratina, and Koroneiki. They ship to America and currently sell two products, tins of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and a limited edition batch of oil made from hand-picked olives "suitable for meal offerings in the Holy Temple."

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