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Which Wine is Best to Sip with Sufganiyot?


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Which Wine Is Best To Sip With Sufganiyot?

Which wine goes best with Hanukkah donuts? Photo by Nina Mikryukova/Shutterstock.com

Israeli wineries offer new Hanukkah Food & Wine Pairing Guide to suggest which varieties best complement the flavors of classic holiday dishes.

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This Chanukah, have a glass of spicy, medium-bodied Gewürztraminer wine with your potato latkes and sour cream to accentuate the flavor of the pancakes and complement the viscosity of the cream.

Or try the more acidic Sauvignon Blanc if you prefer your potato pancakes topped by applesauce. The applesauce will taste sweeter and the wine’s grass and herbal notes will bring out the earthiness of the potato.

These are among the suggested pairings in a new wine guide produced by Israel’s Golan Heights and Galil Mountain wineries in cooperation with their North American importer, Yarden.

The guide presents an innovative spin on matching wines with seven traditional Chanukah dishes.

Other suggestions include Viognier with sweet potato latkes and applesauce (“the floral notes will accentuate the round sweet tones in this dish”) and Chardonnay with zucchini latkes and sour cream (“a fuller-bodied white, which has a beautiful creamy vanilla note, will hold up to all the subtle flavors of this simple appetizer”).

And if you’re eating sufganiyot, Chanukah jelly doughnuts, the wineries suggest a sweet Moscato as “the perfect foil.”

To download the free guide to menu of pairings, click here.

The two wineries also produced a pairing guide for trendy Middle Eastern fare typical of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. That guide can also be downloaded for free here.

The Golan Heights Winery was founded in 1983 and has played a significant role in developing Israel’s blossoming wine culture as well Israeli wines’ global standing. Its wines are marketed under the Yarden, Hermon, Golan, and Gilgal labels. Galil Mountain Winery was established as a joint venture led by Golan Heights Winery in 2000.

This article originally appeared in Israel21C

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