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6 Scrumptious Holiday Food Gifts to Make and Give

6 Scrumptious Holiday Food Gifts To Make And Give

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    Israeli-inspired do-it-yourself delicacies will give your recipients a seriously delicious holiday season.

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    Some people might be content with a nice sweater as a holiday gift, but foodies know that the only way of truly capturing loved ones’ hearts is through the stomach. Even better if your gifted goodies are made by hand.

    Let these budget-friendly gifts, inspired by the flavors of Israel and the Middle East, say it all for you.

    Whether you place them in cellophane, wrap them with a bow, jar them or present them alongside a decorative plate or ceramic bowl, one thing is for certain: They will be remembered. And you will remember how you didn’t break the bank, or lose your mind, coming up with unique gifts for all your friends and family.

    Quince in Spiced Syrup

    Orange Blossom-Scented Strudel Cookies

    Marinated Galilean Olives

    Turkish Coffee Liqueur

    Cranberry Pistachio Halva

    Sfinge (Moroccan Donut) Mix

    This article originally appeared in Israel21C

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