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Tips for the Perfect Latke

Tips for The Perfect Latke

These simple tips will make it easy to get it right every time!

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Use a frying pan that will heat evenly and withstand high temperatures, such as cast iron or heavy stainless steel. It’s not recommended to use nonstick pans. 

Next, remove any liquid from the grated potatoes or vegetables you are using to make the latke – liquid makes for mushy latkes. However, save the starch from potatoes at the bottom of the bowl; add the milky liquid starch back to the batter for the crispest latkes.

Heat your pan first, without oil. Use oil that won’t burn easily at high heat, such as canola, peanut, or corn oil. Add oil and allow to heat up to the point at which it shimmers and thins out. Turn the heat to medium/high because if it’s too high, it’ll sear the outside and the inside will be uncooked.

Use about 1/4 cup of batter per latke. (Do not crowd the pan as it brings down the temperature of the oil.) Flatten the latke slightly with a spatula to ensure that it fries evenly. 

Drain latkes on paper towels on a cooking rack, so they don’t get soggy. Allow 30 seconds or so between batches to let the oil heat back up to right temperature, especially if you’re adding oil.


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