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The Chanukah Flavors Of Yore

The Chanukah Flavors Of Yore

An old-school Festival of Lights table.

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For Chanukah this year we present adaptations of Old World recipes preserving the flavors the Jews in Eastern Europe and Germany enjoyed during Chanukah. 

Potato latkes, grated potato pancakes fried in oil, get dressed up with three topping options, while krokerle, German spiced cookies, mix unique flavors of hazelnut, chocolate and lemon. Serve these with the suggested wine pairings. 

These recipes are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but are classics you’ll make again and again, just as generations past have made them. They’re perfect for a family gathering where fond reminiscences and memories will be rekindled all night long. 

Spiced Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies: Krokerle

Classic Potato Latkes (with assorted toppings)

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