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Trader Joe's Now Sells Bamba

Trader Joe's Now Sells Bamba

Courtesy of Trader Joe's

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Attention Bamba lovers: Trader Joe's has begun selling the popular Israeli peanut snack in its grocery stores across America. 

The crunchy, peanuty puffs, which are made with corn grits, are gluten free, and similar to cheese doodles in consistency. The big difference, of course, is that instead of being coated in powdered, processed cheese, Bamba nuggets contain peanut paste. 

Trader Joe's Bamba is made in Israel, though it is unclear if Osem is the Israeli manufacturer of both the original Israeli Bamba and the Trader Joe's product. The Trader Joe's Bamba bag features elephants wearing yarmulkes.

Bamba is so popular in Israel, that it is thought to prevent the widespread peanut allergies among Israeli children that afflict many children in the United States and other countries. Israeli children are often exposed to peanuts in the womb through their Bamba-snacking mothers, and continue to munch on them as babies, further strengthening their immunity and protecting them from peanut allergies. The New York Times has praised the Israeli snack on several occasions for this reason, even devoting one of its "Letter of Recommendation" columns to it. 

While Israeli consumers are upset that the snack is less expensive in America (a 3.5-ounce bag is 99 cents), excitement has been high among American Bamba lovers. Members of the Kosher Trader Joe's Facebook group, a group devoted to discussing kosher offerings at the supermarket chain, began posting photos of new Bamba displays at their local Trader Joe's stores across the country. Since the Bamba news has dropped, members have been discussing whether the snack is indeed Israeli Osem Bamba in a Trader Joe's disguise, with most munchers agreeing that it is indeed the same snack.

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