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8 Fall-Inspired Holiday Dishes


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8 Fall-Inspired Holiday Dishes

Perfect for sukkot or simchat torah, this holiday menu takes advantage of seasonal fruits and veggies.

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Tomato Basil Challah

The tomato paste adds both a beautiful red hue and a touch of sweetness to the dough. You can substitute with puréed sun dried tomatoes or sun dried tomato paste if you prefer.

Easy Roasted Salmon

Super (emphasis on the super!) easy-to-prepare salmon with orange marmalade, mustard and dill.

Spiced-Pumpkin Soup

This pumpkin soup, made famous by the Ramada hotel in Jerusalem, mixes harvest vegetables with a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon for a real fall feel.

Stuffed Peppers With Spiced Shawarma

One of sukkot’s most widely known traditions is stuffed foods, for a year “stuffed” with good things. It’s a broad category, perfect for playing with—you can get as traditional or as funky as you like. We’ve taken the classic stuffed peppers and remixed the dish with a street food spin.

Veal Roast With Mushroom Sauce

The beauty of this recipe is that the sauce cooks along with the meat, saving you an extra step. The savory roast paired with flavorful mushrooms make this a winning dish!

Sephardic Grilled Eggplant And Chickpea Salad

With charred eggplant, fresh mint and sweet tomatoes and a delicious blend of Middle Eastern spices. Can be served with pita chips, but it is tasty all on its own too.

Fall Plum Tart

Take advantage of the last of the plums, paired with the buttery (even when pareve!) almond filling and crisp tart shell.

Etrog Cake

When life hands you an etrog ... make etrog cake. Shake it then bake it.

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