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Everything Bagel Schnitzel

Everything Bagel Schnitzel

An easy spice mix produces the quintessential Jewish food mashup

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A couple weeks ago I was delighted to discover that Trader Joe's carries an Everything but the Bagel seasoning mix, a take on the quintessential bagel topping of sesame seeds, black seeds, poppy seeds, roasted garlic, and onion flakes.

I'm one of those guys who will pick at the seeds left at the bottom of a bagel wrapping, so naturally I couldn't resist grabbing a $2 container of the stuff without a clear plan for what to do with it. The inspiration came when I realized that it would make a perfect crust for schnitzel.

Combining one part Everything but the Bagel seasoning mix with two parts ground almond meal (you can use breadcrumbs, panko, or matzo meal instead), I coated small pieces of chicken breast with egg, dipped it in the dry ingredients, arranged it on greased baking pan, inserted into an oven heated to 350F for 20 minutes (turning over once after 15 minutes) and--voila--Everything Bagel Schnitzel!

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