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Reform to End Kashrut Corruption in Israel Proposed

Reform to End Kashrut Corruption in Israel Proposed
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Rabbi David Lau, Israel's Chief Rabbi, is proposing changes to the country's kashrut supervision system reports the Jerusalem Post

The Israeli rabbinate currently oversees most kashrut supervision in Israel and critics contend that the system is mired with corruption. 

In Lau's recent proposal, which is meant to address complaints of high costs and malfeasance, restaurants could be certified kosher via electronic monitoring and periodic in-person checks by inspectors rather than through the current mashgiach system. 

The head of Hashgacha Pratit, an independent, Orthodox kashrut supervisor and a vociferous opponent of the rabbinate's monopoly over kashrut certification, is skeptical.

“We have heard [from] the rabbinate in the past declarations about reforms and we will be happy to see them implemented in practice, but the truth must be told: as long as there is no competition, the rabbinate will have no real interest in amending the failures in the kashrut system,” Rabbi Aharon Leibowitz, Hashgacha Pratit’s founder told the Jerusalem Post

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