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Savory Surprises in Disguise


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Savory Surprises in Disguise

Roasted beet and potato with caramelized onion. Courtesy of Breads Bakery/Paul Wagtouicz

Savory pastries dress up as hamantaschen for Purim

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While hamentaschen have been around for many years, it has become popular to innovate with the cookie dough and filling. Breads Bakery is introducing savory hamentaschen for the first time this year.

 “We’re not doing anything new,” remarked Gadi Peleg, co-owner of Breads Bakery in a call with The JWFW. “People have been making hamentaschen for a couple hundred years. We are taking something old and making it extraordinary. What’s new about this is introducing savory flavors.”

In addition to their selection of sweet hamentaschen which are filled with apple, prune, poppy, and chocolate, Breads is offering two new hamentaschen fillings: roasted beet and potato and caramelized onion. Both new offerings are housed in a soft quiche dough (rather than a cookie dough) and sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds, making them burkeka-like. The new flavors were developed by Breads Bakery’s bakers who began testing flavors six months ago in “a long iterative process” according to Peleg. The potato and caramelized onion triangular pastries are reminiscent of knishes in taste. The savory hamentaschen, like the sweet ones, can be eaten cold or warm.

Growing up in Israel, Peleg remembers only having poppy seed-filled hamentaschen, and only on Purim. When he moved to the United States, he was “surprised that they are sold year-round here.”

A common request he receives at Breads is for their hamentaschen to be sold all year long, and the answer remains a resounding no. “They are so beautiful and so special there is something about having to wait for it.”

All of the hamentaschen flavors are two for $4, six for $10, and 12 for $18, and will be available at Breads Bakery’s locations in Manhattan as well as on their website for the entire month of March.

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