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Eat Your Feelings

Celebrate Valentine's Day with these Jewish foodie gifts 

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If like many Jews you've added Valentine's Day to your holiday calendar, we present a Valentine's Day Foodie Gift Guide, replete with treats for the special someone in your life. We encourage you to look beyond the heart-shaped box of chocolates in the pharmacy and consider these delectable treats fit for the foodie in your life.

For the serious chocoholic: Simon & Oliveri Chocolates

Founded by a French Jew and and Israeli, this line of pareve, dairy free, preservative-free, non-GMO chocolates are made with Belgian chocolate. The sachets of chocolate bark and the oversize chocolate bars come in flavors like almond, coffee, and crisped rice, while the boxes contain chocolates filled with maple crunch, coffee praline, and cinnamon. Their smaller sized box of chocolates contains 18 pieces, the numeric equivalent of "chai" or life in Hebrew. If you're looking for some divine help in tying the knot with that special someone, be assured that the packaging features a BS"D (with God's help) in the upper right corner.

For the couple that likes to cook together: Recipes for Bliss Date Night

Instead of buying your sweetie a gift, sign both of you up for a date night cooking class over at the JCC on the Upper West Side. Let Chef Jean Franco guide you and your partner in a cooking class filled with foods meant to arouse the senses. Participants will prepare a salad with rose petals, Cornish hens with strawberry-balsamic glaze, and poached pears in cardamom syrup. Not only will you enjoy the foods at the end of the class, you might learn a few skills to bring home to your own kitchen.

For the do-gooder chocoholic: Dear Coco Truffles

This wide range of hand-crafted chocolates comes in a dizzying 38 flavors of truffles, specialty chocolate bars, and hot chocolate spoons. Dear Coco chocolates are vegan, kosher certified, and made with fair trade cocoa beans purchased from cooperatives in West Africa. Plus their packaging is recyclable. The Valentine's Day collection features special flavors like the spicy Saigon Fireball, which contains Vietnamese Saigon cinnamon, chili powder, and cayenne pepper, and the sweet Paraguay Passion Fruit, a lighter concoction of passion fruit and hibiscus flowers. The Dear Coco website even offers the possibility to enroll your loved one in a chocolate club in which he or she would receive a shipment of truffles each month.

For the out of town partner: Breads Bakery Rugelach

Send your long-distance lover a shipment from NYC's Israeli Breads Bakery. While they have heart shaped cookies filled with raspberry, strawberry, and apricot jam especially for Valentine's Day, if your significant other is in the sad situation of not living near a Jewish bakery, she or he might have trouble accessing fresh rugelach. Send some of these chocolately pastries to let your boyfriend or girlfriend know that you care.

For the retrodrinker: Sabra Liqueur

Two glasses of Sabra liqueur is the perfect way to begin a romantic night. Ask your parents. This classic Israeli spirit contains the flavors of bittersweet chocolate and zesty Jaffa oranges. Serve chilled or room temperature. Your call.

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