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Women To Talk Passion at UJA

Women To Talk Passion at UJA

Three Successful Women Will Lead Conversation

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While it's common knowledge that food brings people together, Erica Keswin takes the idea a step further.

Keswin runs The Spaghetti Project which brings people together over a bowl of spaghetti to bond. Her initiative was named after a Cornell study that found that firefighters who ate spaghetti dinners together were more effective at their jobs because they bonded and were a real team.

For this event, Keswin invited Bobbi Rebell, author of the new finance lifestyle book How to Be a Financial Grownup, and Randi Zuckerberg, a radio host, to a public conversation for women at the UJA on Monday, February 6, about following your passions and making them become part of your world.

While the $50 admission cost will cover snacks, sadly no spaghetti will be served.

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