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Fish Tales

Chef Uri Buri Courtesy of Caroline Lagnado

Israeli chef Uri Buri was Celebrated at a Recent Gathering

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Chef Uri Buri's eponymous seafood restaurant in Akko is a symbol for coexistence in Israel.

Opened 28 years ago in the Arab part of the mixed coastal town, Uri “Buri” Jeremias preaches a philosophy of food simplicity: no more than eight ingredients in each dish, no unnecessary garnishes.

 The self-taught chef spoke to the small group at the Upper East Side home of Israeli Consul General Dani Dayan about his "food diplomacy" and how he has managed to build three successful businesses (he also owns an ice cream shop and a boutique hotel) in Akko, while winning the respect and support of his neighbors.

Many of the attendees were members of Israel's diplomatic corps and employees of its Ministry of Tourism, hoping to use Chef Buri's message of coexistence as a selling point. The room was adorned for the evening with Ministry posters of Akko.

After speaking, Chef Buri, a rotund, amply bearded middle-aged man, slapped an apron over his crisp white shirt and dark suit, and gave a cooking demonstration, preparing delicious morsels of Spanish mackerel for the gathered guests.

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