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Riverdale's Moss Cafe Suffers Burglary

Riverdale's Moss Cafe Suffers Burglary

Moss Cafe in Riverdale was Broken Into. Courtesy Moss Cafe

The Seasonal Cafe Quickly Reopened for Business

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Riverdale's Moss Cafe, a kosher dairy farm-to-table restaurant was burglarized last week. Owner Emily Weisberg discovered that a cash box, a safe, and some electronics had been stolen when she came to work last Monday. 

The break-in at Moss Cafe was one of several such burglaries in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, reports The Jewish Link of Bronx, Westchester & Connecticut.

The local community has rallied around Weisberg and Moss Cafe. Some locals suggested starting a crowdfunding campaign, however Weisberg demurred, saying that she was “humbled and almost embarrassed because there are plenty of things that people can give money to that’s not a business.”

Since there was only minimal damage to the restaurant, Weisberg was able to re-open for business after the police collected evidence. She is planning to ramp up security measures. The cafe's Facebook page content is already back to normal, Weisberg's team even introduced a new wild mushroom and brie panini to the menu.

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