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Massive Cuisinart Food Processor Recall

Lousy Timing Ahead of Chanukah

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A Recalled Cuisinart Food Processor with a Riveted Blade (shown to the left). Courtesy Cuisinart

In a case of unbelievably bad timing, Cuisinart has recalled the blades in over eight million food processors right before the holidays.

Several consumers complained that the riveted blade in the recalled food processors can crack and cause small pieces of metal to fall into the food being processed, causing cuts in their mouths and even broken teeth.

Cuisinart food processors are extremely popular devices found in many kitchens. They are a wedding registry staple and are used by some people every day. The grating feature is beloved by Chanukah chefs for making latkes. 

According to the New York Times, consumers have been complaining about these blade issues on the Cuisinart website and in reviews on Amazon since 2011. It is unclear why Cuisinart decided to wait this long to deal with the issue. To make matters worse, according to several reports, Cuisinart seems as if it is not equipped to manage the recall as consumers are lamenting that they are unable to get through to the company by phone. 

Guess most of us will be grating our potatoes by hand this Chanukah.

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