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Here’s A Super-Easy Sukkot Holiday Meal

Here’s A Super-Easy Sukkot Holiday Meal

From left: lamb and squash bourekas, apple and pear streusel crumble and one pot chicken and rice. (Shannon Sarna)

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(JTA) — By the time Sukkot arrives, we are three weeks into nonstop Jewish holiday mode. Some people might be a little tired of cooking, and I don’t blame them one bit.

But Sukkot is probably my favorite holiday of the season to cook for. I love sitting outdoors in the brisk autumn air enjoying harvest-inspired dishes with friends and family.

Even so, I understand how slaving away in the kitchen can get tiresome — especially when there are so many dishes to wash. That’s when it’s time to employ cooking shortcuts. Tricks like store-bought puff pastry, frozen veggies and one-pot dishes will save you time on Sukkot without sacrificing a stitch of flavor.

Spiced Squash And Lamb Bourekas:

One Pot Chicken And Rice With Sweet Potatoes:

Apples And Pear Streusel Crumble:

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