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Kosher Food With The Click Of A Mouse

Kosher Food With The Click Of A Mouse

The New JMenu Website. Courtesy

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If you've ever questioned the kashrut of the food you were about to order from an online food ordering service, a new website is here to make things a little easier.

After a few unsuccessful attempts at using mainstream food ordering sites like Seamless and Grubhub to order kosher food, Shmuly Wolff decided to team up with his brother Zalmy Wolff and techie friend Dovid Abba Goldstein to create JMenu as was reported first in

JMenu is a beautifully designed website though its functionality could still be improved. A recent search yielded zero results though the site lists 22 restaurants participating, mainly in Crown Heights and Midtown Manhattan. 

The kashrut certifying agency of each restaurant is listed in addition to the type of restaurant it is and whether it is meat or dairy with options ranging from bagels to Chinese food. 

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